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Deathwing down 12/21/12
12/22/2011 06:35 PM by Silverose.


This is pure win. The screenshot is cool too, I guess. =ptenalis at 12/22/2011 07:11 PM
From Left To Right: Furbutt, Alma, Emg, Jubei, Tinahki, Tybers, Fawl, Holyspam, Arosa, Cuzin, Tenalis, Silver, Eledel, Audari, Artris, Jho, Cat, Alylia, Auria, Deliate, Sunberry, Dinai, Senthon, Moreta, Amotm..!! For those who were wondering lol.Belie at 12/22/2011 10:59 PM
Amotm is in hiding~baconbeast at 12/23/2011 02:25 AM
I do not see fireballs. I am upset.Catrabelia at 12/24/2011 05:40 PM
Haha, I forgot some of you are fire now.baconbeast at 12/26/2011 02:11 PM
I miss the team :(cuzinitty at 02/04/2012 09:30 AM
Me too, we'll rebuild it :)baconbeast at 02/07/2012 11:59 PM

ahhh furbutt so cute here

emps at 04/11/2012 02:13 PM
Furbutt is always cute~baconbeast at 04/11/2012 05:27 PM
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